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My name is Phil Haydon, Owner / Director of Eastern Lifestyle Centre I am truly dedicated and passionate about this business and openly and warmly invite newcomers. We have so much to offer here, Fit Clubs, Box Fit, Herbalife Supplements, Coach Academies, Fundraising and more…

Train with free weights or your body weight?

Either choice is good! At Real Health Results, we are able to assist you in your body shaping needs. Our trained instructors will lead you down the right path whatever your goals are. Our instructors are highly motivated and have a friendly approach to all out clients. Jeaust [...]

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Nutritional advice that will keep you training

Herbalife is our trusted and recommended supplement to assist you in your body shape and health. Our range of Herbalife products is comprehensive from shakes, health bars through to herbal energising teas. Speak to one of our staff for a full briefing on what is available and more [...]

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To be number one, train like you’re number two

Self motivation and assistance from our trainers will get you to where you want to be but remember – set your goals and don’t let anything or anyone get in the way of them! You can achieve amazing results from our programs, supplements and training. Never give up! [...]

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